GTO Video Section

Discover below some video of our Pad Printers, Screen Printers and Hot Foil Machines in operation.  This section highlights some examples of the uses and production of the machine.

GTO Evo 5C ELD DD  for Cosmetic Bottle Customization

5 Color Machine for the print and decoration of plastic cosmetic bottles. 

Discover GTO Evo 5C ELX

GTO Evo 1c Slider for Sneakers Decoration

1 Color Pad Printer for leather footwear print. 

Discover Evo 1c Slider

GTO 4C ELX DD for Plastic Cup Print

4-Color Pad Printing Machine equipped with flaming system for the print of plastic cup. 

Discover GTO 4C ELX DD

GTO Evo 2C DD with Conveyor System 

2-Color Pad Printing Machine designed for the print of medical syringes and equipped with flaming system and conveyor belt for high production volume. 

Discover GTO Evo 2C DD

GTO 883 2C DD

2-Color Pad Printing machine suitable for customizing different materials and products such as ceramic cups, promotional gadgets, insoles and cosmetic products.

Discover GTO 883 2C DD

GTO Evo Veloce

1-color Pad Printer used for printing on paper cups. 

Discover GTO Evo Veloce

Evo 1 Color System for Bottles Caps Print

Semi-automated 1-Color System for the print of aluminium bottle caps. 

Discover GTO Evo 1c Slider

Pad Printing System with Robot for the print of hangers

1-color system with loading and unloading, designed for the customization of hangers. 


GTO Evo 5c Maxi elx dd for baby bottle print

5-color Pad Printer completed with flaming system for the decoration on baby bottles. 

Discover GTO Evo 5c Maxi elx dd

GTS 550 with UV/LED oven in line for Bottle printing

Screen Printing Machine for printing on round Plastic and Glass bottles completed with UV/LED oven to dry UV ink.

Discover GTS 550 EVO

GTH for Refrigerator Drawer Printing 

Hot Stamping machine for the single color foil personalization of refrigerator drawers.


GTS 350 to print on Syringes

Screen Printing Machine System made to print on Syringes. The machine is equipped with Flaming treatment and Automated Loading

Discover GTS 350

GTO Evo 5c Elx dd

5-color Pad Printing Machine  suited to personalize different materials and products such as glass bottles, promotional notebooks, wood, toys, insoles, sneakers and boots.

Discover GTO Evo 5c elx dd

GTO 883 Conveyor for printing on faucets, taps and fittings

2-color pad printing machine for the branding of faucets. 

Discover 883 2c Conveyor