"GTO was born with the aim of helping companies to give a defined identity to their products through customization. 

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What is Pad Printing?

Pad Printing or tampography is an indirect printing process which allows to reproduce, in a simple way and with high fidelity, drawings, writings and decorations on flat, concave, convex, regular and irregular surfaces.

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What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing or silk screening is an artistic printing technique of images and graphics on any support or surface through the use of a screen, which allows the ink to be deposited on a support through the the free areas of the fabric. 


Discover some of the fields of application of Pad Printing and Screen Printing Machines 

Discover fields of applications

Our services with the purchase of a GTO product

By purchasing a product from GTO, you will not only be our client but you will benefit of these services complimentary. Our aim is to make sure you are as autonomous as possible and able to use this printing technology professionally. 


An actual academy that will allow, even those who have never done so, to become a professional expert in printing.

5-year warranty

We know our machine are sturdy and durable in time, we certify that by offering our clients the longest warranty in the industry. 

Online video training courses

We create online courses and tutorials enabling you to make the most of your GTO equipment. Printing will have no more secrets from you.

Adhesion and quality tests on your products

We perform printing and adhesion tests on any product and material. Our purpose is to show an article that truly satisfies the needs of the client.