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Pad Printing Machines

Past the attractive design, our pad printing machines offer high printing performance. Easy to use and extremely versatile, they allow to customize economically, from one to multiple colors small, medium and large runs. 

In addition to the standard models, we create customized solutions and fully automated systems. Multifunctional and robust, our pad printers are the only ones to enjoy a 5-year warranty in the industry. 

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Screen Printing Machines

The GTS Series' Screen Printing Machines are the ideal choice for printing flat or cylindrical objects. The proposed range allows to customize small and large objects, on all materials  from 0 to 360°. The models are semi-automatic to facilitate and speed up the printing process and ensure greater precision. 

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Ovens and Pre-Treatments

We offer auxiliary machinery, with  pre and post printing treatments, to guarantee sealing even on the most difficult materials to customize.  

Discover Ovens and pre-treatments


Laminated and relief effect on pad printing materials? From now you can! Discover this revolutionary printing technique, for customizations never seen before.  

Discover Tampolamina

Exposure units and printing accessories 

We offer equipment and accessories to make the pad printing and screen printing process autonomous and faster. 

Discover Exposure units and printing accessories

What GTO offers you

Here are some of the strenghts that distinguish us as the ideal partner for quality and reliability. All our new and recurring loyal customers who continue to choose us for our machines and services are a testament to that and are our greatest pride.

5-year Warranty

As a proof of their reliability and sturdiness, our machines are the only ones in the industry to enjoy a 5-year guarantee. 

Training Course

Are you having troubles with pad or screen printing? Request a specialized training course on your machine and become a competent and expert printer

GTO Option

Within 12 months of the purchase of your pad printing machine, GTO allows you to return the purchased model with a complete re-evaluation (100%) for the purchase of a higher range model.

Ink research for your products

GTO is your trusted partner in printing: we carry out printing and adhesion tests on your items, we indicate the type of inks and pads that best suit your production needs. 


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