GTO ACADEMY, what is it?

GTO ACADEMY is a school portal, dedicated to teaching pad printing and screen printing. Born with the aim of educating anyone interested in these customization techniques, GTO provides specialized technicians and support. The video tutorials are made with the aim of teaching the fundamentals of printing, all the know-how and basic steps to create state-of-the-art decorations.

How to create a Fixture 

In this video we will illustrate how to rapidly and easily create a fixture for your pieces. 


Hot to expose a clichè 

In this video you will be able to see the step by step fundamentals to expose a printing photopolymer plate for the pad printing process. 



GTO ACADEMY is the exclusive training area reserved for our customers, with useful advice on pad printing and screen printing.

You can also request a personalized course to learn how to best use your Pad printing and Screen printing Machine.

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 How GTO Academy training courses are held:

Printing Theory

Once in GTO our technicians will introduce you to the world of printing with a theoretical course. This will allow you to learn the fundamental basics for customizing your articles. 

*Available also remotely. 

Printing Practice

In the next step we start printing. In this phase you will be the one to put directly into practice the teachings received, in order to acquire the manual skills necessary to obtain quality prints.


Now the work done will be evaluated together with our technicians. All the steps performed will be reviewed, you'll be able to address and clarify any difficulties encountered, and possible errors will be corrected in order to obtain state-of-the-art prints.

Diploma of Printer

At the end of the course, you will be awarded a GTO Academy certificate, which certifies the knowledge and ability to independently print professionally. You will return to your company, with the necessary requirements to personalize your items.

*Available also remotely.