GTO, a story of excellence and innovation

We are the Pad Printing experts

In 1980, GTO was born in the region of Emilia-Romagna, a land full of inventors that still stands out in the world today for its excellence.

The Scolaro brothers, already expert printers in the typographic sector, have the enlightened realization of how indispensable it is to give a well-defined identity to the countless articles produced by companies.

With the aim of being able to print on all materials and surfaces, the production of pad and screen printing machines begins.The constant research and passion for this sector have allowed the company to expand into many sectors and to be appreciated as a leading company worldwide.

Made in Italy

GTO is born as a local family business. Our machines are made by us in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Durability and safety

We believe that well-built and resistant machines are essential to save on maintenance over time

Passion for innovation

We believe in passion, craftsmanship an innovation, to discover new technologies aimed at satisfying our customers

Customer-centric philosophy

We firmly believe on the value of relationship between customer and company. You can count on attentive post sale support.

The story of GTO

Founding years: the ’80s

1980 - Rito Robert Scolaro establishes “Tipografia Pegaso” which deals with printing catalogs and letterheads

1984 - Valter Scolaro establishes “Serigrafia Pegaso 2” which offers screen printing services to the clients of the printer Tipografia Pegaso

1986 - Rito Robert Scolaro opens a company to sell small pad printing machines, directed to a clientele in the promotional and advertisement field

The Pad printing experts: the 1990s

1990 - with an Argentine partnership, a new branch is born to manufacture and distribute pad printing machines in North, Center and South America


1995 - joining of Pegaso, Pegaso 2 and the manufacturer of pad printing machines: “Gruppo Grafico Pegaso” is born.

1996 - the first GTO model is developed and brought to market in Italy and Europe with the distinctive design and feature of being painted red like the famous car manufacturer that stands in the same territory where the group is based

1999 - GTO Srl is established, as a manufacturer of pad printing, screen printing and hot foil machines, servicing the Italian and European markets

1999 - Pegaso specializes in the sole supply of consumables

Patents and technological progress: the years 2000s

2001 - invention of the series “Rototak”: first pad printing machine with interpolated axes for printing heels and wedges in the footwear sector

2008 - foundation of GTO America in Florida which handles the distribution and installation of machines in North, Central and South America

2010 - Creation of the Ecogenio brand that deals with the construction and sale of single and multi pass machines

2019 - Roboprint Foundation, a company that holds special patents for robotic and automated pad printing machines

2019 - Patents for the models Tampolamina® and Tampotransfer®

2020 - Foundation of GTO Academy

2021 - new innovation in Ecogenio’s digital section with the introduction of sustainable water based inks