Pad Printing – Questions and Answers

What's Pad Printing?

Pad Printing is a printing process that allows one to print writings, drawings, logos and decorations on almost any type of object, including on concave, convex or irregularly shaped surfaces.

This printing system allows the trasmission of images with any kind of shading, 3Dimensional and 2Dimensional effect and to do so with extremely high precision, obtaining great products ( superior to Screen Printing ).

On top of these characteristics, the anatomy of pad printing allows all these benefits over so many fields of application thanks to only one reason, the use of the pad.

Due to the fact that the pads used today are composed in part by oil and in part by silicone, they allow the highest level of deformation and therefore the complete adaptation to the piece (one is printing on.)

Pad printing also allows printing multiple colors at a time – exploiting the possibility of using them wet on wet – and so to have a higher production speed.

One of the main features of this technology is the extreme low costs, thanks to the low consumption of ink, pads and cliches (printing plates.). At the same time, pad printing is also usefull and effective as a resolution for issues related to customization. - Back to top -

What can i do with it?

With pad printing i can personalize or decorate basically any object or piece , be it plastic, glass, metal, ABS, PVC ect. Very easly and with extremely high resolution. - Back to top -

If I've never printed before, how do i use a pad printing machine?

That is not a problem since you'll receive a training course from one of our specialized technicians. The course can be delivered in our company or, at request, at the client's factory.

The course includes the simple theory of pad printing and practical training on the printing phase, with the possibility to actuallly start production. - Back to top -

Can i send samples for test prints?

Absolutely. GTO allows his clients or his potential clients to get test prints on samples, as well as tests to determine ink adhesion on client's materials. - Back to top -

Can i find out if the pieeces i need printed can be done with pad printing?

You can contact our company and ask to speak with our techicians, or you can request a visit to your company by a one of our sales techinician. - Back to top -

Is it possible to have a meeting with one of your technicians?

You can easily do so by going through our website and see who the rapresentative for your zone is and ask him all the questions you need, or book an appointment. In the "Contact Us" page you can find all you need to request a free consultation. - Back to top -

Is it possible to see a pad printing machine in action?

Of course, in addition to the videos on the right, you can go to "Practical Examples" and see a series of different videos and images. This section is constantly updated with new videos and images in order to show you pad printing's potentials.

You can also request a demonstrative visit at our company , or yours. This way it would be possible for you to observe and test our machines in action, firsthand.- Back to top -