GTO Evo Maxi 2C Slider Index

Pad printer GTO Evo Maxi 2C Slider Index

GTO Evo Maxi 2c Slider Index is a Maxi full-cast alluminium structure.

It was created as a two color large format machine with a cross-inking system that allows to fully use the available space. Other than that, this machine has an index technology so the pads move leaving the piece at rest.

Perfect for printing of very large objects such as buckets, casings, shields etc.

Technical data
Printing colours 2
Max printing area 350x170 mm - 13,8x6,7 inch
Closed inktray Ø 180 mm - 7,09 inch
Print speed 450 cicli/h
Max. Print thrust 4000 N
Power 220 - 110 volt
Steel plate size 600x200 mm - 23,62x7,87 inch
Weight 540 kg - 1190 lbs