GTO Evo 883 DF

Pad printer GTO Evo 883 DF

GTO Evo 883 DF is the first GTO machine having the entire structure with base of cast aluminium integrated to the top operational structure.

This machine has all the settings of speed, pressure and timing of movements directly from electronic keyboard.

In the GTO Evo 883 DF a diserfied descent system is installed, so that when printing, the independent pad descent doesn’t damage the piece and its print quality. An electric pneumatic is installed In the milled plane, where the conveyor is, to move quickly from one color to the other.

Ideal for the print of basically any two-color piece and with an excellent printing format.

Technical data
Printing colours 2
Max printing area 85x80 mm - 3,35x3,15 inch
Closed inktray Ø 90 mm - 3,54 inch
Print speed 1250 cicli/h
Max. Print thrust 1700 N
Power 220 - 110 volt
Steel plate size 225x100 mm - 8,86x3,94 inc
Weight 200 Kg - 440 lbs