GTO Evo 5C Electronic

Pad printer GTO Evo 5C Electronic

GTO Evo 5C Electronic is the five-color machine made in GTO. Compact and reliable structure has the standard independent pads function.

The shifter is fully moved by an electric motor to ensure perfect accuracy without any risk of losing centering from through the steps.

Ideal for those who want to obtain images, text and decorations without any limit and achieving great products and effects.

Technical data
Printing colours 5
Max printing area 85x75 mm - 3,35x2,95 inch
Closed inktray Ø 90 mm - 3,54 inch
Print speed 600 cicli/h
Max. Print thrust 2200 N
Power 220 - 110 volt
Steel plate size 225x100 mm - 8,86x3,94 inc
Weight 340 kg - 748 lbs