GTO Evo 2C Slider

Pad printer GTO Evo 2C Slider

GTO Evo 2C Slider was born as a two color medium sized format machine. Its trasversal movement during the ink phase allows to print up to a maximum of 25 cm length, spite of the space occupied by the two colours.

In GTO Evo 2C Slider there’s also a system of automatic electronic shifting for maximum precision during the working phase and a keyboard to adjust settings such as speed, pads pressure, timing of work etc.

It’s really useful for particular mid-size pieces such as bottles etc.

Technical data
Printing colours 2
Max printing area 250x100 mm - 9,84x3,94 inc
Closed inktray Ø 110 mm - 4,33 inch
Print speed 600 cicli/h
Max. Print thrust 2200 N
Power 220 - 110 volt
Steel plate size 450x125 mm - 17,72x4,92 inc
Weight 295 kg - 650 lbs