GTO Bico Evo Mono

Pad printer GTO Bico Evo Mono

Bico evo Mono falls into the category of “medium” one color table-top machines, but with a large printing area which allows you to print logos and graphics on bulky objects.

Its features make it the most versatile and simple machine in range. Ideal for those who want to start with pad printing and maximize the utility of one-color with a robust and compact structure, which is the main feature of GTO machines, or for those who need specific printing objects in series.

Technical data
Printing colours 1
Max printing area 80x70 mm - 3,15x2,75 inch
Closed inktray Ø 80 mm - 3,15 inch
Print speed 1800 cicli/h
Max. Print thrust 500 N
Power 220 - 110 volt
Steel plate size 200x100 mm - 7,90x3,94 inc
Weight 60 Kg - 132 lbs