GTO 550 Evo Slider

Screen printing GTO 550 Evo Slider

GTO 550 Evo Slider was created to overcome the problem that can usually be found in any printing machine.

This means that the machine has a spider plane (that goes in and out the machine, backwards and forwards) that allows the operator not to work too much in contact with the machine. This feature permits to work better and with more security.

Designed with a vacuum plane to make it possible to print on adhesives and on flat surfaces.

A GTO printer in all respects, with a completely revised printing system, unique in its sector.

Technical data
Printing colours 1
Screen Size NA
Max printing area 550x350 mm - 21,65x13,78 inch
Max non contact 170 mm - 6,69 inch
Print speed 600 cicli/h
Print speed 0,5 cv
Power 220 - 110 volt
Weight 400 kg - 881,85 lbs