GTO 550 Evo Label

Screen printing GTO 550 Evo Lablel

GTO 550 Evo Label is a screen printing machine that has been produced according to our client's need to print on advertising tapes/ribbons/strings, fashion tapes/strings/ribbons and tapes/strings/ribbons of all sizes. This thanks to a four-reel system that allows the simultaneous printing of four different types of tape/ribbon/string.

The GTO 550 Evo printer has an automatic system for the movement of the cords. It's a printer that uses all of GTO technology, adapted to this type of product.

Perfect for serial production, and/or for samples.

Technical data
Printing colours 1
Screen Size 750x430 mm - 29,53x16,93 inch
Max printing area 550x350 mm - 21,65x13,78 inch
Max non contact 80 mm - 3,15 inch
Print speed 500 cicli/h
Print speed 0,5 cv
Power 220 - 110 volt
Weight 650 kg - 1433 lbs