About us

GTO was create by two brothers in 1980, in Modena, Italy, a city of many traditions, whose passion for motors and cooking are appreciated throughout the world.

Initially the company was conceived as screen and pad printing one, where printing and customization for third parties was the agenda.

The experience developed over the years allows it to grow and fully understand all features of both printing techniques. This is how a machine that could improve and facilitate the printing process starts being conceived.

Sala corsi Uffici Ufficio Tecnico
It was then decided, during this period of time, to produce the first GTO pad printing machine , for internal use.

The intent at that time was to build something that would facilitate our own's company's employees in printing. Only later, in fact, GTO pad printers become known by other people, who praised its style and the technical charracteristics.

To date, GTO pad printers are known and appreciated all over the world as the undisputed leader for its costumers. Especially those who have gotten to know us can confirm the professionalism and passion for the work that has always set us apart.